I have been color analyzed a couple of times. My latest color analysis was almost two years ago. I was color analyzed or draped as they call the system where a lot of large color scarves are put in front of you to see how your skin and eyes react to the color and if those scarves or drapes look underwhelming or overwhelming on you. My result was Bright Winter which is the best result I've got so far, in my opinion. I have got many other results from different analysis and they have always been in some way underwhelming. But I have also noticed now after owning the Bright Winter palettes (yes, there are two a little bit different versions for different purposes, Classic for everyday wear and Corporate more for a business environment) that I need to have the freedom to go outside of the palette when I feel that some color fits my personality. To me, it's also the most important that the color feels like me. Of course, it's important that the skin texture looks its best but I've seen that there are colors outside of my palette that still make my skin look good and fit my personality more than many colors in my palette. That's why I've decided to take the liberty to choose the colors that make me feel fabulous no matter if they are in my palette or not. I'll choose some piece of clothing as the main part of the outfit and build the rest of the outfit around this one piece. I don't think creating capsule wardrobes is for me. Personally, the capsule wardrobe doesn't serve the purpose for me. I still don't abandon my Bright Winter palettes but I won't let them make me feel like I'm in a prison and that I have to ask for permission to make my personal choices. I'm a person that has a strong connection to colors and I feel when they serve the purpose of making me feel fabulous. My personal opinion is that there will never be a consensus about what looks best on you. Different systems can see you as total opposites as has happened to me. One system saw me as very soft colored and I strongly disagree. If professional people of two systems can see you as very opposite seasons then who can you trust? My opinion is that try on the colors on your own and trust yourself. Do you feel the way you want to feel? I think the best that color analysis can offer is to give an educated opinion with the parameters and ideals of the system. Different systems can have very different parameters and ideals. If you are not happy with those you can create your own personal parameters and ideals of how you think you can look your best and make your personality come through. It's possible that you are the only one who really knows you. So why to give so much power to someone else? If you join some color communities online it's certain that the people who have either created the system or are in the service of that system won't allow you any freedom to steer even a little it away from their rules. What I think is that actually they also are imprisoned when you think that they must repeat what is thought for them in their education. No matter what they see with their own eyes. Their eyes get accustomed seeing through the lens of their system and that's all they will ever see again. No matter what kind of color spaces are left outside of their system. I still think every existing color system that has ready-made palettes is still lacking seasons/palettes and there is no understanding about what some customers need because of this. This fact, the different ideals, and parameters are the things that make me still trust myself the most in my color choices.